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Brake Caliper Paint Complete Kit Toyota MR2

Brake Caliper Paint Complete Kit,
Choice of colours available.
This is high temperature Caliper paint which is specially deigned to cope with the demands of performance brakes
Improve the look of your MR2, and it is long lasting.
Kit contains: High Temp Caliper Paint Caliper, Cleaner & Degreaser, Pro Detail Brush for accurate results
Easy to apply Easy to clean No dismantling of parts Stunning long lasting finish Pro Detail Brush for accurate results Resistant against brake dust, Chemicals, Corrosion and Oil High quality one part paint including spray cleaner and brush.We have used these kits in our workshop and have found there is more than enough paint for 4 MR2 Brake Calipers.
Colours available:Red, Blue, Silver, Black, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Pink, White, Copper, British Racing Green, Matt Red, Graphite, Gloss Sky Blue, Violet, and Bright Green.
Please Note some colours may take about a week to arrive from manufacturer if we run out of stock
For International orders that are flown by air the brake cleaner aerosol will be removed to comply with airmail safety guidelines

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3

Product Options

Colour Choice: Red £22.50
Colour Choice: Blue £22.50
Colour Choice: Silver £22.50
Colour Choice: Black £22.50
Colour Choice: Orange £22.50
Colour Choice: Gold £22.50
Colour Choice: Yellow £22.50
Colour Choice: Pink £22.50
Colour Choice: White £22.50
Colour Choice: Copper £22.50
Colour Choice: British Racing Green £22.50
Colour Choice: Graphite £22.50
Colour Choice: Gloss Sky Blue £22.50
Colour Choice: Violet £22.50
Colour Choice: Bright Green £22.50
Colour Choice: Matt Red £22.50