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Complete Suspension Package Toyota MR2 mk2 Choice of Springs

Complete Suspension Package Genuine Toyota Shocks with a Choice of Springs, Choose From:
Sachs Springs Standard ride height
H&R 20mm lowered
Apex 30mm lowered
Tein 37mm front, 38mm rear lowered
Spax 40mm lowered 1989-1994
Spax 40mm lowered 1995-1999
Lesjofors 40mm lowered
This is for 4 Genuine Toyota shock absorbers, complete with top mounts, dust boots, top cup seats, insulator, collar, fitting nuts & bolts and anti roll bar drop links all around.
We will even build these for you so all you have to do is fit to your MR2.
Renew your tired old suspension and enjoy improved handling.
Suitable for: Toyota MR2 mk2 2.0L & 2.2L 1989-2000
Note: Can also be fitted to the Turbo models as a cheaper alternative to the Black Bilstein shocks.

Suitable For: mk2

Product Options

No Springs Included £1,250.82
Spring Choice: Standard Ride Height £1,445.82
Spring Choice: Tein 37mm front, 38mm rear lowered £1,418.82
Spring Choice: Lesjofors 40mm lowered £1,385.82
Spring Choice: Spax 40mm 89-94 lowered £1,490.81
Spring Choice: Spax 95-99 40mm lowered £1,460.81
Spring Choice: H&R 20mm lowered £1,470.05
Spring Choice: Apex 30mm lowered £1,385.45