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Bosch Lambda Sensor Oxygen Sensor Toyota MR2 mk2 3SGTE 1989-1993

New Bosch quality Lambda / Oxygen sensor
Suitable for Toyota MR2 mk2 Turbo with engine code 3SGTE Revision 1 and 2 1989-1993.
This is a 1 wire sensor .
Lambda or Oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust system. It sends signals to the on board computer which adjusts the air/fuel ratio to the correct mixture. How can I tell if it needs replacing? Lambda sensor failure may be indicated by increased fuel consumption, an increase in emissions, CAT failure or possibly the illumination of a 'check engine' light.
If you leave your car reg or chassie / vin number when ordering, we will make sure you are sent the correct sensor.
Replacing Toyota part number: 89465-29355

Suitable For: mk2