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Hardrace Rear Trailing Arm Pillowball Arm Set Toyota MR-S MR2 mk3

Hardrace Rear Trailing Arm Pillowball
Supplied as a Set 1x Left, 1x Right
This product replaces the arm that goes from the rear hub forwards to the chassie of the car infront of the engine.
Replacing Toyota Part number: 48780-17050
Suitable for: Toyota MR-S MR2 mk3 1999-2007

About Hardrace:
Hardrace was founded in 1998, specialising in designing, manufacturing and marketing reinforced chassis parts for racing and street car.
Enthusiasm of high speed and precise control lead us to the area of reinforced chassis parts. Our passion of innovation and insistence of quality, we provide the finest products to our customers by using the latest materials and technology from performance bushings to anti-dust pillow ball suspension arms. Professional drivers test all of our new products at the track under extreme conditions, we respond to their feedback and make necessary modifications until it is 100% safe and provide outstanding performance to our customers.

Suitable For: mk3