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SuperPro Adjustable Front Antiroll Bar Toyota MR-S MR2 mk3

SuperPro 22MM, 2 way Adjustable Front Antiroll Bar Toyota MR2 mk3

Sway Bars are Cold Formed - made from XK5160RP Spring Steel. This is a medium to high carbon-chromium spring steel possessing high hardness used predominantly in manufacture of coil & leaf springs. Cold forming of these sway bars does not alter the mechanical properties of the material, so therefore no heat treating process is required. In addition, the steel used in this method is best suited to be cold bent and the mechanical properties are the same as the hot formed bars after heat treatment. When stamping and forming the ends of our cold bent bars SuperPro keep our forging temperatures as low as possible to avoid altering the mechanical properties of the steel. This process is made much easier by using an induction heater.

SuperPro Sway Bars go through 3 step coating process that we have been informed from external sources rivals Detroit O.E standard. With over 4000 hours of Salt spray testing and no degrading of the surface finish

Suitable For: mk3