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Goodridge Speed Bleeder Bleed Nipple One-Way Valve Toyota MR2

Goodridge Speed Bleeder - Replaces Existing Bleed Nipples - One-Way Valve
•Perfect Solution To A Tedious Job
•Replaces Existing Bleed Nipples
•Various Thread Sizes Available
•One-Way Valve Stops Air Re-Entering System
•Quick And Easy To Use
•Fit And Forget

The Goodridge 'Speed Bleeder' is the perfect solution for eliminating the tedious, time consuming and repetitive job of bleeding brake systems, by simply replacing the existing bleed nipples.

Their unique design incorporates a one way valve preventing air entering back into the system and eliminates the repetitive process of tightening and un-tightening...simply un-tighten the 'Speed Bleeder' 1/4 of a turn and pump the brake lever/pedal until the system is free of air and tighten!

* Supplied Individually
* Suitable for:
Toyota MR2 MK1 1984-1989 All Models
Toyota MR2 MK2 1989-2000 All Models
Toyota MR-S MR2 MK3 1999-2007 All Models

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3

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