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EBC Greenstuff Front Performance Brake Pads Toyota MR2 1989-12/1991

SALE Save 10% off RRP £77.08 for the set
Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-12/1991 Front brake pads set (revision 1)
Suitable for all UK and import MR2
's with the above year.The EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads are the first of many upgrades on standard OE brake Pads from EBC.
The EBC Greenstuff pad is in its 9th edition as EBC are continually improving their brake compound. The Greenstuff brake pad is made with a softer compound to enable an improved brake pedal feel at lower speeds. The Greenstuff pad is tried and tested and is proven to stop your car approx 20 feet quicker than standard Pads from 60mph which is a an impressive braking improvement of 15% offering better brake effect up to 600°C (1100°F). The Greenstuff pads will work better at higher temperatures than standard pads giving you confidence for spirited street driving and perform well on cars under 200bhp. The Greenstuff brake pad is also part of EBC™s low dust compound, which means you wont get as much brake dust clogging up your alloys as much as brake pads in the same price range. The Greenstuff pads are also ECE R90 approved allowing them to be used in Europe.For cars over 200BHP EBC recommend there Redstuff pads

Suitable For: mk2