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Hella Vision Plus Front Headlight Glass unit LHD Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-2000

New Hella Vision Plus Front headlight glass unit with Bulb included
Quality Hella Branded Product
Suitable for the original H4 bulbs. New Bulb is included
Supplied individually.
SAE / DOT Approved
Maximum Lighting Performance
The HELLA VISION PLUS dramatically improves headlamp performance. Until now, headlamps with this level of performance were only available in Europe or for off-road and racing in the United States. Now US Legal.
The Hella Vision Plus is based on European headlight technology but conforms to SAE/DOT standards for street and highway use. It delivers the brightest and most powerful lighting available at the maximum legal limit, without increasing glare.
the hella vision plus uses advanced reflector and lens design with the incredibly powerful HB2 bulb. It produces a 50% more powerful beam on low beam and a 25% more powerful beam on high beam than standard halogen sealed beam headlanps, This produces a greater range of vision for the driver, improves driver safety and reduces driver eye strain and fatigue.
Left hand drive cars only (LHD)
Can be fitted to either left or right side
Suitable for Toyota MR2 mk2 2.0L 2.2L 1989-2000 Left hand drive cars only including USA and Europe.

Suitable For: mk2