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Issue 1 MR2 Only Magazine MAY 2020 Printed Magazine

After 10 years, MR2 Only is back! - Issue 1 now available in printed format
Issue 1 Launch May 2020
Our leading cover cars are Nathan Freke’s 900bhp Drag Strip Slayer, currently the World’s Fastest MR2, crossing the famous Santa Pod gantry in a missile speed 8.71s @162mph.
We also feature the late Luke Bliss’s stunning 2GR-FE 3.5l. After Luke sadly passed away, his brother and friends completed the build of Luke's car to his exacting requirements found in his notebook, a car he never had the chance to build as he was so busy with customer's MR2s. A fantastic story.
John Toh's Marlboro Retro Racer, Inspired to build a track/race car? the level of attention to detail on this HKS 2.2L Stroker widebody is an inspiration.
TOYONDA - K-Swap Lover? - Armandito Racing III - Armando Morales shares the story go his 400hp Honda powered MR2
Dream Project - 2ZZ Turbo. Jason Bonoan's turbo charged 2ZZ. Simply stunning.
10 years on we return to Russ Turnbull, and feature his amazing Supercharged 3.5L 2GR.
Stanced 2 Perfection, Patrick Langenkamp's wide body needs no introduction the images speak for themselves. Just awesome.
Double Trouble - Kenny and Simon Williams show off their 2 4th gen 3SGTE swapped AW11 Mk1.5's.
Close Enough Racing - Justin Gaujenieks track monster turbocharged 2ZZ, and his plans for the next Time Attack Series
Once in a lifetime MR2 - Georgia and Matt Gresham's AW11, an MR2 that's part of the family.
THE GULF... Dave Purdue's turbo charged 1ZZ with rare Damd kit and distinctive Gulf livery.
An MR2 Story... IMOC and MR2DC Director Scott Barton tells his story of longterm MR2 Revision 3 Turbo ownership, and friendships.
Blast from the past... We catch up with Vix and Phil Cutler and Humphrey, with the trial and tribulations of a Toyota Sprint Series competitor.
History repeating itself.. the story of my very own Revision 3 Turbo, and its 4 year restoration story.
A love for restoring lost causes... Graeme Notley extensive Mk1 Supercharger restoration.
The Zircon Evolution - 12 Years on - Rob Butcher shares his story of the ups and downs of MR2 ownership
PLUS, all of your favourite MR2 Specialists showcasing their services and MR2 Tuning & Repair Parts

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3