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Issue 2 MR2 Only Magazine October 2020 Printed Magazine

In issue 2...

DRESSED 2 THRILL - One of MR2 Club Thailands finest style SW20’s Ohm Yver’s JGTC MOBIL1 NSX inspired custom wide body SW20 Turbo

LUKE BLISS MEMORIAL MEET - Annual meet at Drift Limits, a chance to take a look at Luke Bliss’s MR2 we featured in issue 1 and meet with his family, friends and past customers

**COVER CAR FEATURE** SHOW STOPPER - ‘THE MISTRESS’ a truly one of a kind, multi award winning, uniquely styled and highly tuned 600bhp SW20 created by Falcon of Falcon Creations Motorsports

JDM LEGEND OF THE PHOENIX - Richard Lee aimed to bring back a JDM legend that is faithful to the original Phoenix’s Power demo cars and part of the SW20’s extensive history. I think we can all agree that he has achieved this flawlessly.

THE MAKING OF A MONSTER - K-SWAP - Our 2nd featured K-Swap and the The first part of a build series from Ryan at RMS Fabrications with huge plans to build the fastest H Pattern MR2. An interesting build to follow!

RAGS 2 RICHES - Brock Moulds recreated his ‘dream car’ a completely transformed and stunning SW20 Turbo

SHOW & STANCE - ‘Stanced to Perfection’ another show stunner, Christopher Chand’s inspiring white turbo, an MR2 all about show, but with just as much GO.

APEX ATTACK - 2GR 309whp ‘Apex Attack SW20 owned by Mike Reed. Track focussed machine with a nod to the JGTC Time attack cars in its eye-catching Castrol livery

THE TOYOTA THAT NEVER WAS’, The legendary and mythically yet fundamentally flawed and ill fated 222D Group B rally car.

ABSOLUTE WEAPON - Australian Brian Poh’s absolute animal 450bhp ZZW230 Spyder a true super car slayer.

BURRITO BANDIT & MEAN GREEN - 2 awesome Gen 5 3SGTE powered AW11s built from zero to hero by Edgar Pineda

CALIFORNIA STYLE - Thomas Zhuang focussed on styling to create his unique street car Spyder with attitude.

MR2 CHAMPIONSHIP COVERAGE - We follow the first few rounds of the championship, Snetterton, and Silverstone, UK - Great to see 40 plus MR2s back on the grid for the beginning of the race season

PLUS, all of your favourite MR2 specialists and the parts and services they offer.

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3