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Tein Flex Z Coilovers VSY24-C1SS4 Toyota MR-S / MR2 mk3 1999-2007

Tein Flex Z Coilovers
Part Number: VSY24-C1SS4
Suitable for: Toyota MR-S / MR2 mk3 1999-2007 All models
EDFC Compatible. Sold Separately
Made in Japan
Mfgr. Warranty:1 Year
Adjustable :Yes
Damping Adjust Type :16 way
Damper Type :Twin Tube
Vehicle Height Front Ratio (MM) :30mm
Vehicle Height Rear Ratio (MM) : 25mm
Height Adjustable: Yes
Independent Height Adjustable :Yes
Top Mounts Front Pillowball
Top Mounts Rear Reinforced Rubber

Full-Length Ride Height Adjustment Feature …… Ride Height Adjustment with Little or No Change in Ride Quality
Twin-Tube Structure …… For Low Resiliency & Securing Sufficient Stroke
Damping Force Adjustment System …… 16-level Linear Damping Force Adjustment System
Complete Kit with Upper Mount …… Exclusively Designed Upper Mounts are Included (Except Some Models)
1-Full-Car-Kit …… Complete Suspension Kit of 4 Shock Absorbers & 4 Springs

Spring rate is 3 kgf/mm on the front and 5 kgf/mm on the rear.

Recommended ride height adjustment is -20mm to -40mm on the front and -15mm to -35mm on the rear.

Full height adjustment range is -6mm to -73mm on the front and -7mm to -75mm on the rear.

13 Concepts

1. Incredibly Low Price & Made in Yokohama! Click here for details
2. Twin-Tube System for Comfortable Ride on Streets! Click here for details
3. Full-Length System for Ride Height Adjustment w/ Minimal Change in Ride! Click here for details
4. Damping Force Adjustable to Change Ride to Desired Settings! Click here for details
5. Compatible with EDFC Series to enable In-Car Damping Force Adjustment! Click here for details
6. Upper Mounts Included for Easy Installation! Click here for details
7. Highly Durable & Reliable! Click here for details
8. Thoroughgoing Rust-Proofing! Click here for details
9. Highly-Rigid Bracket & Shell Case! Click here for details
10. Smooth Ride Height Adjustment & One-of-A-Kind Adjusting Wrench! Click here for details
11. No-Sag Springs! Click here for details
12. High-Spec Damper Oil! Click here for details
13. Replacement Service to Bring Used Shock Absorbers Back to Life! Click here for details


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Suitable For: mk3