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Caliber car radio with which you can play your favourite music. Set 18 FM pre-sets, so you can easily change radio stations while driving. The radio is easy to operate, all buttons and inputs are openly accessible from the front panel – which has blue illumination. The radio has auxiliary input, USB input and SD card reader, so that you have enough options to play music in the car.

Plays your music at a loud volume thanks to the maximum power of 4 x 55 Watt. Choose the sound you want thanks to the 3-band pre-set equalizer. The Caliber RMD035 has an RCA output, allowing you to connect a separate amplifier and upgrade your sound system.

The RDS EON radio function shows useful information such as the radio station, program or time on the display. You can also receive, for example, traffic information via the car radio. Control the RMD035 with the supplied remote control. This radio has the standard 1-DIN size, so you can easily replace your old car radio.

4 x 55 watt
AUX, USB and SD input
18 FM presets
RCA output
Recessed ISO connector
Only 35mm deep

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3