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Exedy Standard 3PC Clutch Kit with bearing Toyota MR2 mk2 N/A 1989-2000

New Exedy Standard 3PC Clutch kit with bearing for Toyota MR2 mk2 N/A (NON turbo) 1990-2000. Engine codes 3SGE, 3SFE, 5SFE.
Exedy Clutch Kit. Consists of:1 clutch pressure plate, 1 clutch disc and 1 release bearing
Exedy is recognized as a world leader of performance sports and racing clutches in the automotive business. Producing over 70% of their products at an outsized advanced facility dedicated to serve all domestic and aftermarket needs through advanced engineering and original innovations. For over 75 years,
Exedy guarantees exact fit, excellence, safety, reliability, and function.
Exedy part number TYK2064

Suitable For: mk2