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Weatherstrip T-bar Rubber Roof Seal Genuine Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-2000

New Genuine Toyota T-bar glass and door weatherstrip rubber seals.
Available for the left or right or as a pair.
These are New genuine Toyota parts.
Suitable for: T-bar Toyota MR2 mk2 models 1989-2000 All Models
Genuine Toyota parts with a huge saving of over 15% each on Toyota price of £233.22 each.
Also available with the small glass rubbers fitted to the removable T-bar glass panels.

Suitable For: mk2

Product Options

Side Choice: Left £198.24
Side Choice: Right £198.24
Side Choice: Pair (Drivers & Passenger) £396.48
Side Choice: Left side and left side small glass rubber £281.82
Side Choice: Right side and right side small glass rubber £281.82
Side Choice: Complete Set 4 rubbers £563.64