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Spax PSX Adjustable Stiffness Suspension Kit Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-2000

Spax Adjustable Suspension kit,
* 2x Front Adjustable Stiffness Shock Inserts
* 2x Rear Adjustable Stiffness Shock Inserts
* 4x 40mm Lowering Springs

Toyota MR2 mk2 (SW20) 2.0L 2.2L 1989-2000 (set front and rear)
SPAX PSX kits contain 4 uprated, shortened, 28 stage on-car adjustable dampers, matched to a set of our SSX Springs. SPAX engineers have developed these kits to produce maximum control and handling. PSX dampers are uprated, shortened and pressurised with Krypton gas. This produces not only superior low speed ride quality, but also high speed performance that is ultra stable, fade free and therefore significantly improved. The result is maximum cornering speed and traction, minimum braking distance and roll. Maximum adrenaline when you want it, minimum adrenaline when you don't™t! PSX kits are ideal for most fast road applications and occasional track days€ because they have a wide range of on car adjustment with no dismantling. Transform your car™s handling from
drive to work to track day€ in about a minute!
Lowering:40mm- Adjustable Stiffness
excl. Turbo - rebuildable O.E. dampers only KRYPTON Filled GAS Dampers-Dampers Adjustable on the car WITHOUT Dismantling-Dampers Adjustable in Rebound AND Bump-Top Quality Chrome Silicone Springs-Fully Dyno Tested-If you are really serious about wanting to transform the handling characteristics of your car, you will need a SPAX PSX suspension kit with dampers that can be easily adjusted for stiffness, in seconds, with no dismantling. Controlling the damper stiffness allows you to alter the suspension set up to perfectly suit your style of driving. The result is more driver confidence and this means more enjoyment!
Note: These dampers are inserts and ONLY suitable for rebuildable shocks.Picture for illustration purposes only.

Suitable For: mk2