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Stereo Harness Lead RCA to ISO ( active speakers ) Toyota MR2 mk2

New Toyota MR2 Amplified RCA to ISO Lead.
This lead is designed to fit an aftermarket stereo ( Sony, Alpine, Kenwood ect). Suitable for Toyota MR2's with high powered Active speakers, this setup is quite rare normally in some optional extra Japan imports 1989-1994 but check your car first.
Check the image to match your car. This is a harness adaptor lead allows you to install a car radio of your choice with out cutting any of the existing car wiring. This lead comes supplied with 4 RCA connections (as seen in the picture above) to connect to your unit.
Also available with a 2x Line Output to RCA converters this is ideal if your stereo doesn't have 4 RCA leads on the rear. Note: wires will need connecting to original stereo wires.

Suitable For: mk2

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Lead Choice: Stereo Lead £22.50
Lead Choice: Stereo Lead and 2x Line Output to RCA £38.50