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Redline MT90 75W90 Gearbox oil 1 quart Toyota MR2

Stock Due Mid April
Red line MT90 is a synthetic 75W90 oil designed for use in synchromesh gearboxes and transaxles. It provides excellent protection to gears and synchromesh and has a perfect coefficient of friction to allow easy gear changes even when cold.
Red line MT90 has always been the 1st choice for the Toyota MR2,
Suitable for all manual transmission:
Toyota MR2 mk1 1.6L 1984-1989
Toyota MR2 mk2 2.0L 2.2L 1989-2000
Toyota MR2 mk3 1.8L 1999-2007
Features of Red line MT90
Eliminates notchy gear changes
Enables high speed down shifting
Reduces gear whine and rattle at high temperaturesNon corrosive
Smooth gear changes even when cold
Supplied in 1 quart bottles which equates to 0.94 litres

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3