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Gear Selector Linkage Metal Bush Bearings Toyota MR2

New Gear selector linkage metal bush bearings.
Fitment: Gearbox end of the shifter cables
Replaces the standard fitted rubber bushes that normally wear, and oval with age in the gear selector cables transmission end, for new metal bearings. Helping with smoother gear changes.
Supplied as a pair complete with washers
Available for :
Toyota MR2 mk1 AW11 1.5L & 1.6L 1984-1989 All models
Toyota MR2 mk2 SW20 2.0L 2.2L 1989-2000 All models
Toyota MR2 mk3 ZZW30 MR-S Roadster 1.8L 1999-2007 All models

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3

Product Options

Year Choice: MK1 £28.00
Year Choice: MK2 £28.00
Year Choice: MK3 £28.00