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Issue 3 MR2 Only Magazine March 2021 Printed Magazine

What is inside MR2 Only Magazine issue 3...

SARD MC8 - Exclusive interview - We track down the owner of this mythical beast the ‘Unicorn’ MR2, the only one of its kind in existence, homologation model for the 90s Race MC8R
John Santos - 91 Gen 4 Swap Turbo, right up there as one of our favourite SW20s! - just so clean, stance with amazing attention to detail
TRACK ATTACK - Aaron King created his dream build, the GT300 car he knew the ZZW30 could be with a turbo charged 2ZZ and custom aerodynamics
ROLLER COASTER MR2 OWNERSHIP - Scott Bertrand’s 10 year emotional roller coaster ride of MR2 ownership, you’d better hold on tight!
RESPIRE - Lorenzo’s extreme ZZW30 K-Swap with bad ass APR Performance Wide body kit
LOVE THE STANCE - Michael Lee’s super smooth AW11 is proof that sometimes simplicity is just perfection.
RAT2 MOTORSPORTS - This twin turbo 2GR V6 engine swap really is a work of art! - the first in a 2 part feature planned for 2021 to follow this exciting build.
FRANK SCHMIDT’S MR2 COLLECTION - How many MR2s is too many? 31 MR2s, possibly the largest single private collection?! Frank shows off his enviable collection of MR2s including some very rare models.
HIS & HERS - 3rd issue running we have an His & Hers feature - Husband and wife duo Matt and Jo share a great love and passion for their mid-ship runabouts both AW11 and ZZW30
BUILDING MY DREAM MR2 - Automotive refinished Aidan Brennan’s custom cherry black pearl beauty - JDM SW20 Turbo, wow, that colour!
MONSTER K-SWAP - We catch up with Ryan (RMS Fabrications) and the Higher Standard built K-Swap MR2 build
MEETING OF THE SUPER EDITIONS - Kevin Kovac tells us the story of the meeting of two very rare beasts in Austin, two AW11 Super Edition Super Chargers.
MISTAKE OR BLESSING - Dean Whittakers 3VZFE V6 with a conquest for MR2 weight loss
READERS RIDES - Several of your MR2s and short stories
MR2 CHAMPIONSHIP REPORT ROUND UP, the last of the series reports from 2020, can’t wait for the start of 2021 race season!

PLUS, all of your favourite MR2 specialists and the parts and services they offer.

Suitable For: mk1, mk2, mk3