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Custom Built 10 inch Sub box Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-2000

Custom Built 10 inch Sub box
Suitable for: Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-2000 All models
Available to fit behind either the Left or Right side seat.
Supplied Individually.
These are designed to make maximum use of the space available behind the seat. They do this by having a protruding base that, once the standard plastic liner is removed, occupies the cubby hole space behind each seat. This also helps secure the boxes in place and stops any movement whilst driving.
Full spec is :
+ CNC machined MDF
+ All joints glued and screwed
+ 0.75 cubic feet sealed enclosure
+ Fully Carpeted in black to match the rear firewall
+ Design allows full recline, and slide back to the second last notch
+ Internally silicone sealed and vacuum checked to ensure a 100% air tight enclosure
+ Terminal Plates to allow easy installation and removal, located on Right hand side of each box
+ Boxes weigh circa 7.5kgs each
+ 230mm cut out for speaker
+ Suitable for LHD and RHD cars

Suitable For: mk2