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Fibreglass UK Spec Front Bumper Wing Trims Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-2000

New Fibreglass Toyota UK Spec Front Bumper/Wing Trims
These are made from fibreglass and finished in Black gell coat. These are a fibreglass alternatives of the Genuine Toyota UK bumper trims fitted to UK MR2's and are a fraction of the cost. They fit in between the front bumper and front wing one for each side. They can be fitted to UK specification MR2's and also can be fitted to replace the rub trim indicators on Japanese or US imported MR2's.
Suitable for: Toyota MR2 mk2 2.0L 2.2L All models 1989-2000
Note: These are now supplied in black gell coat and not the white version pictured.

Suitable For: mk2