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17" Rota Grid Flat Black Alloy Wheels Toyota MR2 mk2 1989-2000

Rota Alloy wheel package
Wheel Colour: Flat Black
Grid: A classic wheel for an increasing variety of cars, the Rota Grid one of our more popular wheels.. It's lightweight, strong and has excellent clearance for big brake kits and standard brakes alike..
Grid Drift: A popular wheel for strong fitment and aggressive stance on a variety cars. A favourite of drifters, you'll see the Grid fitted to both high profile drift cars and beginners alike.
Supplied as :
Package 1: Grid
2x Front 17" x7.5" ET45 5x114
2x Rear 17" x7.5" ET45 5x114

Package 2: Front Grid, Rear Grid Drift
2x Front 17" x7.5" ET45 5x114
2x Rear 17" x9" ET42 5x114

Supplied with:
* Wheel nuts, x20
* Spigot rings x4
* Rota wheel center caps x4
Note You will require a minimum 5mm or maximum 10mm spacer on front wheels, we are able to supply these if required.
Suitable for Toyota MR2 mk2 2.0L & 2.2L 1989-2000 all models

Suitable For: mk2

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Package Choice: Package 1 £675.00
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